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Template builders

Make mail creations hassle-free! Drag & drop customized elements to enrich user experiences with beautiful visuals & interactive features on your email, just like that!. You will love our easy to use the HTML editor that provides a live preview of the codes. Simply drag the components and design attractive email templates.

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Contact scoring

Recognize quality users, rank them on a scale of 0-5 stars, re-engage inactive contacts & reward loyal subscribers. Contact rating features help to identify the high engaging users, and by targeting the right connections, you can increase the email inbox ratio. You can create segments based on contact rating, and send them relevant newsletters.

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Auto responder

Improve your targets with an autoresponder that act as lead magnets! Automate campaigns & schedule mails to maximize the value of your mailing list. Create autoresponders based on subscriber engagement activity such as openers and clicks. Retargeting your contacts with relevant communication can enhance your open rates and ROI.

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Forget the chaos! Narrow your focus! Contact segmentation helps categorize your subscribers by location, age, behaviour etc. & cater to more targeted recipients. You can create segments based on contact engagement, interests and properties. Prepare any type of segments that will help you to optimize the marketing budget and meet your desired goals.

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Spam score

Top-notch deliverability is our top priority! Nullify bounces & spams with 25+ spam filters & spam scores that make sure your Emails rightly reach its recipients. Identify the blacklisted domains and keywords from your email content by using our advanced Spam score tool. Better spam score increases your open rate drastically.

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